• Forms

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    Services Agreement Letter: This is an agreement between you, the taxpayer, and me, the tax preparer, that defines our legal relationship.

    Client Info Sheet: These are questions that I must confirm answers to in the course of preparing your income tax return.

    Dependent Questionnaire :This document is intended to confirm the validity of any claim for the Child or Dependent Tax Credit and/or the Earned Income Tax Credit. This document should be completed for any dependent that does not live with both legal parents for the full year.

    Price List: Everyone always has the same question, “How much will it cost?” and this document will help you find the answer.

    ACH Authorization: In this modern age of electronic payments I can offer to you that I can direct debit your bank account as you direct with this form.

    Credit Card Authorization Form: We accept Visa and Mastercard as a form of payment, and this form will help when you can’t bring your card to the office.

    Notice of Consent: Consent is required if you desire to, for example, request a copy of your tax return be provided to a third party (such as a bank) or additional copies be sent to you.  Unless authorized by law, we cannot use, without your consent, your tax return information for purposes other than the preparation and filing of your tax return.

    Tax Preparation Checklist: Use this checklist to gather your tax records and bring them with you for your tax appointment.

    Form 8332: Release of Claim of Exemption for Child by Custodial Parent

    Form W4: Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate

    Truck Driver Expense Worksheet

    Work Related Expenses for Temporary Workers

    Rental Income Worksheets

    List of Account Groups for Businesses